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History | Muccillo Group


Emmesse Group, a dynamic and modern company owned by the Muccillo family, has over the years has been able to establish itself on the Italian market and qualify, under the brand Design Marta Marzotto, specializing in creating clothing and sleepwear for women medium-high range.

The attention to detail, careful choice of materials, refined taste and sophistication of the latest fashion trends are the fundamental points of our work philosophy, which have made our collections typical realizations of Italian fashion. The woman is at the centre of our creations and our garments are designed thinking about her, her needs and her desires.

For years we have built a strong collaboration with the Countess Marta Marzotto, an Italian jewellery designer, eclectic artist and cultural entertainer who made a lifestyle of excess. Our apparel expresses her essence with refined creations that is wearable by all women and can every season reinvent their style and passion for fashion.
Our products are distributed in Italy through a sales network, with agents in each region. Abroad, our products are mainly presented in Europe, in the Middle East and Canada, working through agents and distributors.
Marta Marzotto